About Sofie

I'm a 22 year old biology student. I love nature, I love the sea and I love food. I'm half mexican half belgian and I would also love to travel around the world.

I enjoy reading, running and swimming. I also have a thing for languages, I'm currently learning german and I've taught french. I plan on learning portuguese and italian. 

The thing I enjoy the most in a meal is the dessert. This love for dessert I inherited it from my grandma (Mami) who would always (and to this day) offered us dessert. She thinks that a meal without a dessert isn't really a meal at all. I try to follow this philosophy and I think everyone should feel the same way about dessert.
However, in my house is a whole other story, even though I always try to have something sweet, it's hard to make time to bake (harder if you are a student and you have constantly busy weeks) and my mom isn't really a fan of spending long hours in the kitchen. 

I'm no expert in the kitchen and I'm a self-taught baker (basically I learned from reading cooking blogs). I still have a lot to learn and I hope you have fun reading my good and sometimes, my not - so good experiences :) 

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